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Hi. Greetings from Arizona — the Grand Canyon state. Glad to have you with us. We are faith-filled and faithful Catholics who enjoy sharing the Good News. In fact, many of the things that are helpful to our Catholic Faith are like vitamins. They supplement the faith that was an unmerited gift starting at our Baptism.

What is Catholic Vitamins about? Each week, we bring on a guest to help us explore a faith topic (a ‘vitamin’).  Bishops, priests, nuns, deacons, professors, authors, singers, musicians – we’ve been blessed to have many of these as our guests 🙂  And we have regular correspondents who add their own perspective on faith matters. Please listen to a couple of our podcast shows… and maybe read a little from our blog postings. Let us know what Catholic vitamins are working for you.

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Catholic Vitamin ‘Correspondents’


Marianna Bartholomew has been with Catholic Vitamins since the fall of 2011. She’s winner of seven national Catholic Press Association Journalism Awards and Chicago’s 1993 Cardinal’s Communications Award for Professional Excellence. Marianna BartholomewHer articles have appeared in EXTENSION Magazine, Our Sunday Visitor, Catholic Digest and in Chicago’s Catholic New World and other diocesan newspapers across the nation. Former Managing Editor of the Catholic home mission EXTENSION Magazine, Bartholomew has traveled to and reported on conditions in the poorest, most isolated pockets of our nation, from Louisiana’s Cajun communities and Appalachia’s hollows to Montana’s remote Indian missions. Blessed to be a wife and homeschooling mother of three, she now teaches in a homeschool cooperative, freelance writes from her Chicago area home, and is completing her first novel for young adults.We are fortunate to have Marianna’s sharings about any topic — but the one that we’ve specifically suggested for her concentration is MISSIONARY MOMENTS — her stories, insights and memories of visiting the ‘mission territories’ of the United States.

BTW: We haven’t asked for nor raised any money/donationsl on Catholic Vitamins — so Marianna and the others are volunteers who serve because of their good hearts. Marianna is sharing Missionary Moments almost every week as her busy schedule allows. Thank you Marianna. Pure gift. Marianna blogs at and at She can be found on Twitter under “finerfields” and reached by email at

We are also pleased to have reached an agreement with Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio to provide our listeners with selected segments of the popular and powerful speakers who regularly come to Franciscan, especially for their Summer Conferences. Among these speakers are Dr. Scott Hahn, Fr. Larry Richards, Fr. Francis Martin, Sr. Ann Shields, S. G. L., Sr. Briege McKenna, O. S. C. and many others.

Keep listening to Catholic Vitamins for special talk segments from the Summer Conferences at Franciscan University. And you can find these talks and many recent years conference speakers by going to the Franciscan University library to order CD’s and DVD’s.

We were recently joined by a long-time friend of the Deke and the Dee. She’s Sandy G from Pennsylvania. What makes her audio reflections so special is that Sandy has lost the capability to speak – she has had ALS/Lou Gehrig’s disease for some years. It has robbed her of her natural speaking facility. During a visit with her in the summer of 2016, we discovered that Sandy has a computerized voice generation system which allows her to ‘speak.’ Thank you Sandy — and may God reward you for the gift of your refusal to give in to the cross you are carrying.