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Catholic Vitamin X Tra :-)

Hi friends of Catholic Vitamins. If you see the picture of dear Renee Bondi – we’re sad to say she’s not guesting with us (again). This is an ‘Extra’ podcast because Deacon Tom and Dee are attending a mandatory deacon …

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Catholic Vitamin P: Proverbs

Some of us are full of knowledge. Knowledge can be little more than raw facts or data. But wisdom (which is mentioned often in the Book of Proverbs) is the ability to see history and human experience and the events …

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Catholic Vitamin P Proverbs

Ever get the chance to talk to an author of 60 books and counting? We did! Her name is Sister Kathleen Glavich, a Notre Dame Sister who must be in the dictionary when you look up the word PROLIFIC. …

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Catholic Vitamin O: Observation

Meet Kristin Detloff

Where can a Catholic woman go when she’d like to know more about the Church’s teaching with regard to marital sexuality? Where can a woman go who is using contraception in her marriage but who is worried …

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Catholic Vitamin O Observation

Ever take a walk down a quiet lane and consider how things are going in your faith walk? In your marriage? In your work or neighbor relationships? These moments are parts of observation. That’s our Catholic Vitamin for this show …

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Catholic Vitamin N: Now

Thanks to Catholic Musician, Speaker and New Evangelization motivator JUSTIN STROH for sharing wonderful verbal images of what it was like at World Youth Day in Spain. Justin is an infectious speaker and you’ll find his main web address below.…

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Catholic Vitamin N Now

If you’re a regular listener to Catholic Vitamins, you know the name JUSTIN STROH. He regularly shares New Evangelization Podcast Segments on our show — but today, we talk about what it was like to go to World Youth Day …

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Catholic Vitamin M2: Mission Pt. 2

Straight from Catholic Answers and San Juan Catholic Seminars, Jim Burnham is back on Catholic Vitamins. We continue our interview on MISSION —  knowing our Catholic Faith and being able to answer some of the questions that our separated brothers/sisters …

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Catholic Vitamins: Mission Part 2

We are featuring a two part Catholic Vitamins Podcast. We’re calling them Vitamin M1: Mission and M2: Mission Continued. We hope you’ve listened to guest Jim Burnham. What a gift to us and to Catholics everywhere.

Jim is a cradle-Catholic, …

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