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Catholic Vitamin Q: Queenship


The solidly theological reasons for her title of Queen are expressed splendidly by Pius XII, in his Radiomessage to Fatima, Bendito seja (AAS 38. 266): “He, the Son of God, reflects on His heavenly Mother the glory, …

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Catholic Vitamin Q Queenship

In this corner of the ring, 4th stage aggressive breast cancer, widely metastasized. And in the other parts of the ring: the Queen of Heaven and Earth and her holy and beloved supporter, Blessed John Paul II. Meet Irene

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Catholic Vitamin P: Plan


As you may have seen or heard already, our guest on this week’s Catholic Vitamins is a Catholic wife, mother and blogger: Cari Donaldson. She writes a blog quite often on this site:  and if …

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Catholic Vitamin P Plan

Oh my gosh. Meet Cari Donaldson, the only guest we’ve ever had where I’ve wanted to donate making a breakfast for the whole Donaldson family While we could have spent a lot of time exploring the humor and writing of …

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Catholic Vitamin O: Orthodoxy

Music on This Show on ORTHODOXY

Thanks to Marianna Bartholomew for her continuing participation on Catholic Vitamins with her Missionary Moments. The theme used on this shows MM was VIDENTES STELLAM for A. Gabrieli, and performed by the St. Cecilia

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Catholic Vitamin O Orthodoxy

There is nothing more ORTHODOX than a Mormon Missionary — unless it’s a Mormon who discovers Truth and the Teachings (Captial T’s, please) of the Catholic Faith. Meet Thomas Smith – – a guest we’ve long wanted to ‘meet’ on …

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Catholic Vitamin N: Nuptials

If you didn’t know better, you’d think we almost planned our shows. We had two interviews that were fun and informative. First — if you’ve been around Catholic podcasting for very long, we’re sure you know of Greg and Jennifer …

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Catholic Vitamin N Nuptials

What? Greg and Jennifer Willits AND Greg (sans Julie) Alexander on this Catholic Vitamin N for NUPTIALS? We might have to increase your dues dear friends of Catholic Vitamins Easter blessings and join us for two great interviews.…

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Catholic Vitamin M: Motherhood

She is an MBA healed through the Motherhood and intercession of the Blessed Virgin while in Medjugorje. Her name is Hilary Jones Rojo. And together with her husband Mac, they have an on-going ministry of loving support to …

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Catholic Vitamin M Motherhood

We give thanks to Mary, our Blessed Mother. And we learn from her example of Spiritual Motherhood — the faith ‘vitamin’ for this show. Meet Hilary Jones Rojo and her husband Mac. Hilary was healed of M. S. in …

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