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Catholic Vitamin K: Knots

Dear Friends of Catholic Vitamins. What great joy to introduce and share with you the SERVANTS OF THE PIERCED HEARTS OR JESUS AND MARY, also known and referred to Pierced Hearts Organization.

On our show for this weekend, we had …

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Catholic Vitamin K Knots

Meet the SERVANTS OF THE PIERCED HEARTS OF JESUS AND MARY. The two nuns pictured are Sr. Grace Marie (left) and Sr. Emily. They help us look at their wonderful and fast-growing order, and about NOVENAS and especially …

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Catholic Vitamin J: Jubilee

Greetings once again. This week’s podcast and faith topic is Catholic Vitamin J for Jubilee. The dictionary on my (Mac) computer has this for the first two definitions of the word Jubilee: 

a special anniversary of an event, esp.

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Catholic Vitamin J Jubilee

There is something so beautiful to see and to be a part of — celebrating lengthy service with a priest. On this Catholic Vitamin J for JUBILEE, meet Fr. Manuel Gabel from the Archdiocese of Denver: a priest for …

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Catholic Vitamin I: Ignition

Okay – as connected with the internet and lots of people as we are, we weren’t at all familiar with Ed Vizenor. Justin Stroh (our regular correspondent on all things New Evangelization) proposed Ed for the I faith vitamin: IGNITION. …

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Catholic Vitamin I Ignition

Yes – IGNITION is a strange word for anything related to faith or vitamins. But wait – there’s more! Meet ED VIZENOR — interviewed by our regular correspondent JUSTIN STROH on this Catholic Vitamins podcast. Did you know they both …

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Catholic Vitamin H: Herald

Hi everyone. Tom and Dee are in God’s Country: AKA: Estes Park, Colorado. We lived here for something less than ten years – the longest we every lived in any community. It is one of the world’s testaments to …

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Catholic Vitamin H Herald

Melanie Pritchard truly came back from the dead to become an on-fire HERALD for Pro-Life and our wonderful Catholic Faith. During our time together, Melanie shares about the Day I Died – and from her book, she tells about what …

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Catholic Vitamin G: Gratitude

We shouldn’t toot our own horn. But no one is more surprised that we’ve made it to three years with our ministry effort we prayerfully decided to call CATHOLIC VITAMINS. Three years and 150 shows – with guests that …

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Catholic Vitamin G Gratitude

It’s our 150th show and the 3rd Anniversary of Catholic Vitamins. For this show: 20 years ago, a cherished silver rosary, filled with prayers, was presented to a homeless lady and a lay ministry was begun. Meet Kate Valentine

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