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Catholic Vitamin S: Sponsorship Blog

This lovely lady is Kim Lehman. She is Director of Give Cures, the campaign for the John Paul II Medical Research Institute in Des Moines, Iowa. 

I talked with some friends in Iowa and they told me that Kim is …

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Catholic Vitamin S Sponsorship

A pro-life convert to Catholicism has found her way to a great and ethical scope of work at the John Paul II Medical Research Center in Iowa. Kim Lehman is wearing many hats and is leading the effort to raise …

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Catholic Vitamin R: Rapture Blog

Over 65,000,000 copies of the Left Behind books tell us that a whole lot of people are getting their Scriptural understanding from Fundamentalist thinking – so says our special guest, Fr. Michael Guinan, OFM.

Father Michael D. Guinan, an …

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Catholic Vitamin R Rapture

Going to be ‘Taken Up’ in the Rapture? Our great guest, Father Michael Guinan, OFM says people are more likely to be ‘Taken In’ by the Rapture at least if you get your information from the Left Behind works …

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Catholic Vitamin Q: Quicken Blog

Julie Carrick  ~  Our Guest on Catholic Vitamins. You can find her music, and see all of the work and the people involved in Carrick Ministries by visiting their website:

Julie Carrick is one of the women I would …

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Catholic Vitamin Q Quicken

Let’s see: your husband is leaving the marriage… you get lung cancer…. your  daughter is sexually assaulted and pregnant. How does one get through it all?  QUICKEN your faith. JULIE CARRICK has the answers: Among them: the Eucharist and Adoration …

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Catholic Vitamin P: Pride

Pride is almost always presented in a negative construct. In fact, there are a significant number of (mis-led) people in our country who believe it’s wrong to have PRIDE IN AMERICA. We think that’s so wrong. And similarly, we …

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Catholic Vitamin P Pride

Meet our two guests from the (awesome) CATHOLIC LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE: men and women involved in a 13 year mission to form Catholic bishops, priests, deacons and staff members into becoming good shepherds and vibrant faith leaders. What’s behind all this …

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