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Catholic Vitamin V: Voices Blog Page

Well, we are at the end of Advent (in hours) and entering the beautiful season of Christmas. Those in larger parishes will likely hear beautiful VOICES singing the old and family hymns of Christmas and the message once again of …

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Catholic Vitamin V Voices

The VOICES of His Excellency, Tucson Bishop Gerald Kicanas, a homily by Deacon Tom, the wonderful seasonal music of Renee Bondi, Donna Cori Gibson and Lorie Line (with Gospel singer Robert Robinson). AND…. we’re blessed to …

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Catholic Vitamin U: Upbeat Blog Page

Well this has to be one of our most upbeat and fun shows in recent times.

Our guest – our very special and gracious guest is Lorie Line. 

Pianist Lorie Line grew up in Reno, Nevada studying
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Catholic Vitamin U UPBEAT

Can you think of a wonderfully talented pianist who is also a composer and arranger and who has published 43 albums? Her name is LORIE LINE and we’ve ‘captured’ an interview with Lorie in Denver. During this podcast, we …

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Catholic Vitamin T: Testimony 2 Blog

Whenever we bring on a guest who shares testimony – it is always a gift. Close faith-journey-mates are another form of gift. Such is the case with our guest, JEANNE ROGERS. We’ve known Jeanne for perhaps 8 years – …

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Catholic Vitamin T Testimony 2

From hypothermia to Blessed Mother Mary’s warming love — all in an instant. It happened during an appearance at Medjugorje. Our guest is a friend and soft-spoken prayer warrior – her name is Jeanne Rogers. Warm your faith by …

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