Catholic Vitamin A Awed

jennifer_and_danielleTwo beautiful souls join this Catholic Vitamins Anniversary Show # 200: composer and singer Danielle Rose joins us to talk of her faith journey and her new album CULTURE OF LIFE. And – a shorter but lovely visit with Jennifer Willits from the Greg and Jennifer duo of The Catholics Next Door – Adventures in Imperfect Living. Thanks to our guests and our very special correspondents Marianna, Fergal and Justin for their reflections for this extra long show. Blessings.

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5 Responses to Catholic Vitamin A Awed

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  2. Deacon Don says:

    Congratulations on your 200th podcast…it was an entertaining show. What techno-evangelists you are!

  3. Congratulations to two of our favorite Catholic techies, both with hearts of gold. You have provided four years of AWEsomeness in the Podcast world with Catholic Vitamins.
    Candy and Jim

  4. Gabriela Pinedo says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for these great four years of service to the Body of Christ through your wonderful Podcast. May the Lord bless you 100 full for all the time you have put in this ministry.
    Blessings from Corpus Christi, TX

    • Deacon Tom says:

      Dear Gabriela. Thank you three times over for your kind thoughts. We have truly walked a good bit of the faith journey together, haven’t we? So very glad for your companionship and support.



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