Catholic Vitamin G Growth

Meet Mary Lou Rosien (pro. rose-een even though I stumbled several times 🙂 Mary Lou is the upbeat, vitamin-powered author of the CATHOLIC FAMILY BOOTCAMP (CFBC) book. If you’re looking for a way to help your family grow in spiritual virtues and strengthen familial bonds, CFBC is a great read…. a great and practical workbook for your family. Join us this week on Catholic Vitamins.




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2 Responses to Catholic Vitamin G Growth

  1. This was the first pod cast this 76 year old man ever listend to. I have known Mary Lou since she was a baby. Her mom has been a close friend to my wife and me over the years
    and she let us kbow of Mary’s new book which I immediately ordered.I was not disappointed.Hearing Mary Lou and learning more of her life was a thrill. I hope she has enjoyed my books as much as I have enjoyed her’s. Thanks, Bill Guiffre

    • Deacon Tom says:

      Thank you Bill for your words and testimony for Mary Lou. She has found her way into our hearts as well. We are also glad you discovered podcasting — there are a lot of good ones out there in new media land. We’ll visit your better books for children dot com website. Blessings. dt

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