Catholic Vitamin K Knowledge

We’re delighted to bring you a real Catholic Evangelist. His name is Gary Zimak and what you’ll find out in this podcast is that a health scare led a Sunday-only Catholic to becoming an on-fire Catholic. Gary ‘bootstrapped’ himself from minimal knowledge of our Faith to the point where he’s been a regular guest on EWTN (different shows) and elsewhere. Gary is a columnist for Catholic Exchange and his writings have appeared in many other places. Join us — to gain knowledge — or enthusiasm that it’s possible, with God’s grace to carry our Christ’s mandate for all of us.

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2 Responses to Catholic Vitamin K Knowledge

  1. jennifer says:

    Thanks so much for your vitamin, it’s really revitalizing and i hope to be more constant as well as tell my friends.


  2. tmdjfox says:

    Bless you and thanks for your feedback to an earlier show on knowledge. Our show that we have just posted is on Listening. I hope you will Listen to it 🙂

    deacon tom

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