Catholic Vitamin P Parenting

Meet popular writer, speaker and former General Manager of the Shrine of the Divine Mercy in Stockbridge, MA. His name is Jason Free and our time together on this podcast is pure gift. Our main focus in this show is to learn about Jason’s new book PARENTING ON PURPOSE, but you’ll hear a lot of great background on Jason, his lovely wife Colleen (gosh would I like to meet her as well 🙂 and about a special faith-strengthening episode that happened when Jason first truly experienced Christ in the exposed Blessed Sacrament.  Thanks to Jason for a great look at another Catholic Vitamin: parenting.

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2 Responses to Catholic Vitamin P Parenting

  1. Ebeth says:

    Love it, love it, love it!! However, I am the parent of 3 great young people, only one who is actively happy being a Catholic. The other two 29 and 14 are…..well not sure.

    The two at home 16 (next Monday!) and 14 complained about nightly prayer, so we quit praying before bed. We always pray grace before our meals and have dinner together every night.

    Anyway suggestions on getting them back in the groove of praying at night? Are they too old?

    • tmdjfox says:

      Dear Ebeth — thanks for sharing. Each of the deacons that I was ordained with had children. Every one of those families had issues – much as you expressed in your post. One family that has 13 children made certain to involve — actually involve their young and teen children in some forms of social work. For example, helping St. Vincent De Paul Society make up food boxes for the poor. Or working at a soup kitchen. You get the idea. Young people may become bored or lack understanding of our faith and beautiful history and liturgies – but when they see us actually doing good work in the community, or when they see the face of poverty up close, there’s a good chance that will help them to see the Church in a different light. And you may not have listened to us that long – but I am a big supporter of Franciscan University and their summer teen youth conferences held all over the U. S. Please look into them – they are awesome. Dee & I worked one as volunteers last summer in Denver. 1750 young teens exposed to great faith witness, great music, the sacraments, adoration, etc. Blessings and prayers. Deacon Tom

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