Catholic Vitamin Q Quest 2

Our guest interview is with His Excellency Bishop James Conley, the bishop of Lincoln, NE. This interview was conducted in 2009 when Bishop James was the Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Denver. The reason for that interview is because he is a convert to the Catholic Faith. And the grace and factor that led him to conversion makes for an interesting story. A story of QUEST for truth.

Since his priestly ordination in 1985, Bishop James D. Conley has served the Catholic Church in a variety of ways—as pastor, college campus chaplain, director of Respect Life ministries, theology instructor, Vatican official and bishop. In all of these tasks, he has seen his life as a priest as a call to service and complete surrender to “God’s providential hand.”

For his episcopal motto, Bishop Conley  chose the same motto as the great 19th-century English convert, John Henry Cardinal Newman, “cor ad cor loquitur,” which means “heart speaks to heart.”

It is a joy to speak with one of the shepherds of the Church and we are glad that not too long ago, Bishop Conley was able to return to active ministry of his diocese after a long bout with medical and emotional issues. Blessings dear Bishop Conley – may you maintain good health and strength.

And it’s always great to have a return ‘minutes with award winning story-teller,  Tony Agnesi – found at


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