Catholic Vitamin Z Zapped

Sr BriegeSt. Paul was ZAPPED. So were the two Disciples on the road to Emmaus. Has it happened to you? Today’s show features a part of a talk by the wonderful Irish nun, Sister BRIEGE MCKENNA, two ‘on-target’ reflections by our correspondents SONJA CORBITT and DEACON FERGAL O’NEILL. Oh — and speaking of being ‘zapped’ — this weekend’s homily from Deacon Tom is included – may it help any who hear it.

Links and Music for this show:

Sister Briege Mckenna is found at

Franciscan University Summer Conferences can be found at

We played a segment of Dr. Russ Rentler’s ROAD to EMMAUS song (sung by one of our local parishioners Dan Alm). You can find Russ Rentler contact and music information at

Finally – we closed with music from Theresa Smith from her album BLOOMING. You may remember this song (Blooming) which was, for years used as the opening and closing theme for Lisa Hendey’s Catholic Moments Podcast. 🙂

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One Response to Catholic Vitamin Z Zapped

  1. Deacoin Fergal says:

    Wonderful to hear Sr. Breige on the show. Last time I spoke with her was on the plane from Ireland to Rome for the Beatification of now St. JPII. Never did I think I would ever share a platform with her but there ya go. Catholic Vitamins works its own miracles! Well done folks!

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