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Catholic Vitamin V2 Vespers

Daria Sockey – a Catholic wife, mom, writer and recovering homeschooler 🙂 While she is found in many places in the new evangelization, our focus for this show is on the Liturgy of the Hours, which points us toward …

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Catholic Vitamin V Veneration

In His great mercy and kindness, the Lord has given us yet another wonderful guest: she’s Donna Cori Gibson. Donna is a professionally trained and multi-talented composer and singer. She lives in the Northwest with her husband and four home-school …

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Catholic Vitamin V Values

Three guests from BEARFOOT FOR BABIES join us with what it means to have demonstrable VALUES in your life. Bearfoot For Babies is a program at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, not all that far from Denver. Started …

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Catholic Vitamin V Vespers

From Psalm 63 — with the title “A Soul thirsting for God”:
On my bed I remember You. On you I muse through the night, for You have been my help. Join us for this podcast in which our special …

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