Catholic Vitamin O Obedience

Meet the Catholic Vitamins Teacher and Mentor for Obedience. She is a Catholic singer, songwriter, speaker and Gospel-activated lover of Christ, His Mother, the Church and the Eucharist. She is Danielle Rose. Wow – what a wonderful interview. What a wonderful gift. Join us for this show and 3 of Daniel’s songs, including a favorite: See You In The Eucharist.

Music on the show is by permission granted to Catholic Vitamins Podcast courtesy of World Library Publications. All of Danielle’s music is available through her website or the links provided below.

Danielle’s website address is

Her music is also available for purchase from, iTunes,, and other music sellers. You can reach wlpmusic at 800-566-6150. For more information or to arrange to have Danielle visit your parish or organization contact Raquel Hernández at or 847-233-2774.

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2 Responses to Catholic Vitamin O Obedience

  1. Cathleen Gillies says:

    Glad to find your website — and to listen to your interview with Danielle Rose…I was just sending her I Thirst CD to friends heading off to college – for these prayers and songs to keep us focused on hearing the voice of the Lord!
    Keep smiling from a place ripe for evangelization — San Francisco, CA

    • Deacon Tom says:

      Hi Cathleen — we (also) lived in San Francisco and loved it a lot. Danielle Rose was a great gift to us and to our listeners. I’d be interested in how you found us or that interview — but glad you came on board. We continually try to find stories and people that help us in our faith walk. Blessings. Deacon Tom

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