A Little About Us

Deacon Tom & Dee Fox, residents of Arizona but we’ve lived in lots of places over the years. Our favorite? Colorado.

About Catholic Vitamins:

CV logo med-1In 2009 after attending a Catholic New Media Conference, Tom and Dee were driving through western Texas contemplating whether we could do any work in the still emerging and unfolding new media. After some amount of thinking and praying, we came up with the idea for CATHOLIC VITAMINS. Vitamin A would be for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Vitamin B could be for Beauty in the Church, and C for Conversion. That’s as far as we got in show ideas. The rest would have to come from more prayer and more inspiration. By 2014, we have cycled through the alphabet 8 times with barely a repeat on faith ‘vitamins’ and not too many guest repeat visits.

We are thankful for guests and correspondents who have helped to make the show an on-going sharing of nourishment from “A” to “Z”.

Now most people would put family first. Ours are grown and on their own. We have two daughters (AZ & MO) and two sons (CA & IN). Blessings Barb, Mary, John and Mike.

What We Enjoy:

  1. Our Catholic Faith
  2. Spending time with the grandkids (but not too much 🙂 )
  3. ‘Splorin — that’s taking nice long trips. We enjoy stopping in small towns and eating breakfast or lunch at local places.

What’s the deal with vitamins?

You may ask us: And are you involved in some sort of multi-level marketing? Do we have to buy products from you or your company? Do we have to start getting into shape? I saw a picture of the Deke on another page, and it doesn’t look like his waist has been reduced by a lot of healthy foods or supplements. What’s the deal? 🙂

Well — we did our stint in multi-level marketing. That’s trying to get 20 or 50 people underneath you to sell products that you get a commission on.

Now, we’re into Catholic Vitamins…. and you don’t have to buy anything. And yes… you sort of have to want to get in shape. But we’re talking spiritual shape. The only thing we’ll say is: NO EXCUSES for not trying some of these Catholic Vitamins if you want to change your faith practice… with a goal of eternal health and well-being.

Thanks for visiting our site.

Deacon Tom & Dee