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Catholic Vitamin H Hunger

This smiling couple is Deacon Fergal and Mary O’Neill. If you’ve been with us for a while, you know of Fergal’s long-time Hunger to become a permanent deacon in the Catholic Church. He’s our guest interview on this show, …

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Catholic Vitamin G Generations

Our guest on this show is PATRICK MADRID. He is the founder of the Envoy Institute. He’s also the amazing and prolific author, speaker, teacher, tour guide and all-around professor of the Generations of witnesses we have available …

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Catholic Vitamin F2 Faith 2

The car of a worldly, engaged, successful business owner turns into a church parking lot and the driver enters a door leading to a Eucharistic Adoration Chapel: Meet the transitional deacon who is now ‘engaged’ to become a priest, God …

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Catholic Vitamin F1 Faith

Well- there’s Vitamin B-1, B-2… why not F1? This is part of two episodes on FAITH. We have great inspiration on Faith from our correspondents Marianna Bartholomew and Fergal O’Neill. And a homily on the 5 W’s of

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