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patrickmadridOur guest on this show is PATRICK MADRID. He is the founder of the Envoy Institute. He’s also the amazing and prolific author, speaker, teacher, tour guide and all-around professor of the Generations of witnesses we have available to us… and for us to be able to share the truth and beauty of our Catholic Faith. During our time together, Patrick and Deacon Tom talked about the latest, most exciting project that Patrick has underway these days. We’re talking about the CATHOLIC APOLOGETICS ACADEMY which features Patrick and a traveling faculty of some of the most recognized and trusted names in sharing the truths of Catholicism — teaching in a setting to help attendees to feel comfortable in their knowledge – and more important, comfortable in sharing it lovingly with others. Patrick and the faculty will be traveling to sites throughout the country. Take a look at his website for a date and location close to you.

You can find Patrick, his travel schedules, the Apologetics Academy information, book titles and much more at

Our show featured music from:

Bob Rice, Associate Professor at Franciscan University and at his website address:  Bob says he’s a big fan of Bob Rice – he has all his albums 🙂

We also featured music from Danielle Rose, our favorite Catholic music missionary with music from her album MYSTERIES. You can find Danielle and her workd at:

Both Bob Rice and Danielle Rose have been interview guests on Catholic Vitamins and we thank them for sharing their music with us.



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