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Catholic Vitamins Christmas Homily 2010

Merry Christmas and may God’s graces of the Incarnation and the pure beauty of Blessed Mother Mary be in your heart.

We decided to do a short Catholic Vitamins — sort of an Extra. This program contains Deacon Tom’s homily

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Catholic Vitamin K: Knowledge

Show Notes for Catholic Vitamin K: Knowledge

Our guest is Evangelist (and new friend) Gary Zimak. He’s the founder of Following the Truth Ministries. And as you’ll hear in this show, he has now become a public speaker and …

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Catholic Vitamin K Knowledge

We’re delighted to bring you a real Catholic Evangelist. His name is Gary Zimak and what you’ll find out in this podcast is that a health scare led a Sunday-only Catholic to becoming an on-fire Catholic. Gary ‘bootstrapped’ himself from …

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Catholic Vitamin J Journey

Come listen to the interesting journey of the wonderful Pat Gohn. Do you know her or of her? She’s a wife, mother, educator, public speaker, professional narrator, announcer and host of the Among Women Podcast. She has an MA in …

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Catholic Vitamin J Journey

CV J Journey Podcast Show & Blog Notes

What a gift to meet and have Pat Gohn in our lives. I hope you will listen to this interview on Catholic Vitamin J for Journey… and then that you will reach …

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Catholic Vitamin I Inspiration 2

Today’s show features a most inspirational Catholic singer, author and speaker. She’s Renee Bondi and we couldn’t be more delighted to share our interview with you. We were able to meet and have dinner with Renee and her husband Mike …

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Catholic Vitamin I Inspiration #2

CV I Inspiration # 2 Blog and Show Notes: RENEE BONDI

Some years ago — maybe seven or eight — while we were still living back in Colorado, I learned about a beautiful woman named Renee Bondi. And Renee has …

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