Catholic Vitamins Christmas Homily 2010

Merry Christmas and may God’s graces of the Incarnation and the pure beauty of Blessed Mother Mary be in your heart.

We decided to do a short Catholic Vitamins — sort of an Extra. This program contains Deacon Tom’s homily delivered at our 9:00 AM Mass on Christmas morning. We hope you find it inspirational and helpful for this Christmas season and the New Year to come.

This show is posted on Sunday, December 26th – the Feast of the Holy Family. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, hear our prayers. Help us in our country to honor (and restore) the family unit of one man, one woman and a child or children as our response to God’s plan for mankind. And finally — may Mary and Joseph intercede and help us find a way to protect all life, from conception till natural death. Amen.

Blessings. Deacon Tom and Dee.

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