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Catholic Vitamin Y Yen

Do you have a YEN to hear a story of trust in the Lord? A yen to hear about Jesus being ‘in the boat’ while Vietnamese boat people are fleeing from the Communists? Meet our special guest, Monsignor Peter Quang

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Catholic Vitamin X Xtra 7

Blessings and graces flowing from Holy Week dear friends. (The lovely) Dee is back and we share the following on this show: We feature three songs from the new album by the CARMELITE SISTERS OF LOS ANGELES. (See below). …

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Catholic Vitamin W Wisdom

Regulars to CV know we love a good ‘reversion’ story. And our guest LEILA (Lay-la) MILLER has been and remains a seeker of Truth found in WISDOM. Meanwhile – God waits patiently in the (sometimes shadowy) details, whether people …

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