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Leila Miller HeadshotRegulars to CV know we love a good ‘reversion’ story. And our guest LEILA (Lay-la) MILLER has been and remains a seeker of Truth found in WISDOM. Meanwhile – God waits patiently in the (sometimes shadowy) details, whether people seek him in Beauty or Truth or Wisdom. Leila is one of the stimulating ‘finds’ of doing research to look for unusual or interesting stories of inspiring faith witness. She writes a blog which contains a longer narration of how all this came to be. She has also put some delightful pictures of her youth and her heading towards Wisdom. You can find Leila at  Tell her Deacon Tom sent you – and look for some of the great conversations with people of all faiths and no faith on Leila’s site.

BTW: Dee is away this week and I have a couple pictures posted over on the Friends of Catholic Vitamins Facebook page. Dee’s ‘selfie’ of her 93 year old mom with Dee and Dee’s old homestead where she grew up in rural Bedford County, PA. Enjoy.

Thanks for a bit of music from the lovely (and very happy wife and mother) Sarah Bauer. From her album Radiance, we played the title tune. You can find Sarah and her music at

We also played a bit of music from our regular correspondent Justin Stroh: from the album Generations, we played Reach From Me. Justin has loads of content at

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