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Catholic Vitamin E: Evangelization

Evangelization – a topic near and dear to my heart. Also near and dear to the heart of Noelle Garcia McHugh. She’s a Catholic recording artist who currently calls the Lansing, Michigan area home. We had a delightful visit on

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Catholic Vitamin E Evangelization

Noelle Garcia – Catholic, wife, mother, composer, musician — and even while pregnant with their second child, she’s on the road raising funds for Missouri and other midwest flood victims. She’s a great gift to our podcast and a worthwhile …

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Catholic Vitamins Vitamin D: Dependence

This Catholic Vitamins show featured music from the New Celebration Singers. Their leader at the time they were active was our friend and fellow podcaster, Bob D’Aurelio (Paul’s Men Podcast). Bob tells us that the New Celebration …

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Catholic Vitamin D Dependence

Our Catholic Vitamins’ guest for this show on Dependence is Deacon Greg Doyle from Rochester, New York. A good bit of our discussion has to do with a proper relationship with Jesus, and how a dependence on the person and …

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Friday Homily About Adoration

It was a ‘routine’ daily Mass at our parish. It was a Friday. It was just 15 minutes before Adoration and I gave this mini homily about priests and adoration. Just 5 minutes. I hope it helps you on your …

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Epiphany Homily

Always be prepared. Who is it that has that as their motto? The Boy Scouts? This is a homily preached by a deacon who needed a shower but had time for neither a shower or much preparation for preaching. Listen …

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Catholic Vitamin C: Courage

Regular listeners to Catholic Vitamins have probably heard me talk about the research that I do to prepare for many of our shows. I use Google a lot, I visit websites of authors, dioceses, etc. Well, I don’t happen to …

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Catholic Vitamin C Courage

I don’t think Dawn Marie Roeder ever thought that she would be a ‘profile in courage.’ Yet that’s what she became when her son was killed in a tragic accident related to a doctor recommended drug which had grave consequences …

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Keep Holy The Sabbath

Some time ago, the topic of the readings related to the Commandments. Deacon Tom decided to take just one – keeping the Sabbath holy. He contacted the folks at Real Catholic TV and asked permission to share from a segment …

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