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Evangelization – a topic near and dear to my heart. Also near and dear to the heart of Noelle Garcia McHugh. She’s a Catholic recording artist who currently calls the Lansing, Michigan area home. We had a delightful visit on the phone when I recorded our interview. I found out she was soon to leave with her husband and band and tour the midwest raising funds for flood victims. All while pregnant with their second child.

Noelle is a sweetheart. But don’t let that gentle young wife and mother exterior fool you. She’s an evangelist who serves as a music director at Most Holy Trinity Church in Fowler, MI. During our interview, she told me she has spoken and performed at the World Youth Day in Australia and New York City.

When I asked permission to play some of her music – Noelle provided three songs and then gave an explanation for her choices.

“Here are the songs and why I chose them, so you can decide how they best fit into the program.

Hand of God – This song is about using the gifts of the Holy Spirit in our every day life, that in all we do, our lives may point to a loving and merciful God.

Set the World on Fire – I was inspired to write this song when I read the quote by St. Catherine of Siena, “When you are who you are called to be, you will set the world ablaze.” St. Catherine calls us to all be the person God has called us to be- to follow Him, love Him, and be like Him so that we can set hearts on fire for Him as light for His people!

Let Go -In order to truly evangelize, we have to let go of our control and rely on Christ. People are going to reject us, hate us , ignore us, but we can’t let that get in the way of our call to serve God and one another. We also have to get ourselves right with the Lord – confess our sins, work on our weaknesses, learn about ourselves.”

Here are some web contact points for Noelle Garcia McHugh.

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