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Catholic Vitamin Q Quitclaim

Are you addicted to anything? Food? Booze? Drugs? Sex? Anything? Meet our special guest SCOTT WEEMAN who was addicted to many sinful and unhealthy things in his life. Thanks be to God, Scott has come to sobriety through THE TWELVE

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Catholic Vitamins Vitamin D: Dependence

This Catholic Vitamins show featured music from the New Celebration Singers. Their leader at the time they were active was our friend and fellow podcaster, Bob D’Aurelio (Paul’s Men Podcast). Bob tells us that the New Celebration …

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Catholic Vitamin D Dependence

Our Catholic Vitamins’ guest for this show on Dependence is Deacon Greg Doyle from Rochester, New York. A good bit of our discussion has to do with a proper relationship with Jesus, and how a dependence on the person and …

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