Catholic Vitamin Q Quitclaim

Are you addicted to anything? Food? Booze? Drugs? Sex? Anything? Meet our special guest SCOTT WEEMAN who was addicted to many sinful and unhealthy things in his life. Thanks be to God, Scott has come to sobriety through THE TWELVE STEPS AND THE SACRAMENTS: A Catholic Journey Through Recovery. He’s the author of the book, and he’s our special guest on this episode of Catholic Vitamins.

What is the vitamin called QUITCLAIM? This word means to relinquish or issue a formal renunciation of something. In this case, Scott issues such a renunciation of his prior way of life. He now ‘clings’ to and promotes sobriety, through the Church and the Sacraments.

Join us on this show for help and direction and resources through Scott’s work on his blog.

Oh – and we issue a bit of a tease about a new album of music and song performed by our friend Margo B (Bernadette) Smith. Hear one of her songs and her discussion of what has led to this new effort.

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