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Boy Scout Communion Service Homily Trinity Sunday 060312

There must have been about 40 to 50 Boy Scouts and their leaders. It was the first weekend of camp, and I went to Camp Geronimo to lead them in a Communion Service. This is a recording of the homily …

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Friday Homily About Adoration

It was a ‘routine’ daily Mass at our parish. It was a Friday. It was just 15 minutes before Adoration and I gave this mini homily about priests and adoration. Just 5 minutes. I hope it helps you on your …

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Epiphany Homily

Always be prepared. Who is it that has that as their motto? The Boy Scouts? This is a homily preached by a deacon who needed a shower but had time for neither a shower or much preparation for preaching. Listen …

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Keep Holy The Sabbath

Some time ago, the topic of the readings related to the Commandments. Deacon Tom decided to take just one – keeping the Sabbath holy. He contacted the folks at Real Catholic TV and asked permission to share from a segment …

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052911 Sixth Sun in Easter Memorial Wkend

This weekend, Deacon Tom preached at all the English Masses. The primary topic of the homily was the Word of God — God’s inspired and holy Word contained in Scripture. But before the homily, we asked all veterans of military …

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St Stephen & The Church

The Church of Christ — persecuted in the earliest days; persecuted where we are. But it is Christ’s Church and it will survive. Blessings. Thanks for listening to this weekday reflection at a daily Mass.
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First Friday & Archbishop Timothy Dolan

There are some simple practices that were good enough for the grandfather of young Timothy Dolan. They were also good enough for the father of Timothy Dolan. And now, in these times, they’re good enough for the wonderful Archbishop of …

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