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Regular listeners to Catholic Vitamins have probably heard me talk about the research that I do to prepare for many of our shows. I use Google a lot, I visit websites of authors, dioceses, etc. Well, I don’t happen to remember where I was headed when I came upon the name Dawn Marie Roeder. It turns out that we don’t live that far from one another — perhaps that caught my eye. Dawn Marie is a first time author who has written a book entitled It Doesn’t End Here. When I saw the title, I wondered what that was about.

Her book is an ‘Amazing Journey of Faith and Forgiveness. It’s a story that demonstrates what courage it takes to really forgive and move on. It’s also a story of a woman searching to find meaning from circumstances that might have stopped most of us cold and fast. And as her story goes, it was an accidental sighting of a newpaper article which propelled Dawn Marie on her journey.

Her website and book are found at and we hope you’ll visit and perhaps order her book. From dozens and dozens of reviews, let me just share a few of the comments others have shared about her book.

Dawn Marie Roeder & her book IT DOESN’T END HERE — An Amazing Journey of Faith and Forgiveness

What people are saying about

It Doesn’t End Here: An Amazing Journey of Faith and Forgiveness

“Sooner or later we all arrive at a moment in our lives that seems all too big for us. How will you deal with yours? It Doesn’t End Here will prepare you for that moment when it comes. This is a message of incredible light in the midst of all consuming darkness.”

Matthew Kelly, New York Times bestselling author of The Rhythm of Life and The Dream Manager

“Struggling to find meaning out of the unimaginable circumstances that lead to her son’s tragic death, Dawn Marie strove daily to put back together the shattered remains of her life one second at a time. Six months into the journey of her great torment Dawn’s mother hands her a newspaper article which lead to a discovery that would dramatically alter her life and the lives of many others.

In this true story of pain and sorrow is found an amazing love of a mother for her son and an enduring faith in an ever present loving God.”

Fr. Donald Calloway, Author of No Turning Back: A Witness To Mercy


“A heart wrenching story of a mother’s transcendent love for her young son, and the faith which enabled her to survive his tragic death. There is a lot to be learned from this moving narrative: about spiritual warfare, about the callousness of the pharmaceutical industry and its legal apparatus, about the role of faith and prayer in sustaining our lives, and most of all about how the Blessed Virgin Mary, in the suffering she endured at the foot of the Cross, makes it possible for us, too, to bear our crosses.”

Roy Schoeman, best selling author Salvation Is From The Jews and Honey From The Rock

“This book is an amazing tale of faith, persistence, and love. The unimaginable events that led to her son Nathaniel’s death could have broken her. Instead, Dawn Marie Roeder embarked on a journey to help others avoid tragedy by warning them of the unusual side effects of her ADHD medication. She persisted for years, showing incredible strength in fighting the big-moneyed pharmaceutical company. When tragedy strikes an individual’s life, and there is none worse than the loss of a child, there is a choice to be made – to go on or to succumb to depression. Dawn Marie’s story is a testimony to resilience.”

Ellen M. Diana, Ph.D. Psychologist and Author of  Charge Up Your Life: Conquer the 6 Barriers to Love, Happiness and Success

Thank you so much Dawn Marie Roeder for guesting on Catholic Vitamins — a show about the right faith nutrients from A to Z.

Thanks also to Denise Bossert and Theresa Doyle Nelson for their contributions to our show on Courage (and Cornelius 🙂





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