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Fr Peter Quang NguyenDo you have a YEN to hear a story of trust in the Lord? A yen to hear about Jesus being ‘in the boat’ while Vietnamese boat people are fleeing from the Communists? Meet our special guest, Monsignor Peter Quang Ngyuyen (middle name pronounced quan and last name pronounced win. The ‘yen’ in his formal name is where we developed the thought for today’s Vitamin.) He has a long and distinguished record of serving as a priest in the Archdiocese of Denver. But listen to how he got to Colorado.

In Vietnam, Peter grew up in a devout Catholic family. His mom took him to daily Mass and in about the second grade, Peter starting serving Mass. He entered the (youth) seminary at an early age, and was on his way to becoming a priest when the communists spilled over from the north and began taking control over all of Vietnam. Well – that’s all the words of introduction here – please listen to our show. Fr. Quang’s book which we discussed on the show is ALL HONOR TO YOU, The Journey of Faith Toward Love and Life.

About music on this show, we played I SHALL NOT WANT by Audrey Assad from her beautiful album FORTUNATE FALL. You can find her music and much more at

We played part of a Divine Mercy Chaplet sung by the Daneluk’s – founders of the website  You can also find their music at

And finally – our deacon friend from Canada, Chuck Stevens helped close the show with his wonderful song HARVEST OF LOVE. You can find downloads of Chuck’s talent at

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