Catholic Vitamin I Inspiration #2

CV I Inspiration # 2 Blog and Show Notes: RENEE BONDI

Some years ago — maybe seven or eight — while we were still living back in Colorado, I learned about a beautiful woman named Renee Bondi. And Renee has a story – and excuse me starting this way — but Renee would appear to be like some other numbers of people whom you might see as public speakers. I’m talking about those who have had some heavy burden laid upon them and then they have bounced back from it.

I’ve heard women who have come back from cancer or some near death experience. I have been to men’s conferences where men have come back from a life run amok. And so, yes — I’ll admit that there are many stories in the world that feature a theme of inspiration, and perhaps recovery.

However — if you’ve been at an event where Renee Bondi speaks and sings… well all I can tell you is that I’ve seen high-powered, multi-million dollar executives with tears of joy and inspiration running down their cheeks. I saw this at a Legatus conference in Denver where Renee was the featured speaker. Legatus is an organization started by Tom Monaghan, the founder of Domino’s Pizza. Legatus is the worldwide group he started to get high-level Catholic executives to take on major projects for the good of their communities and for the Church.

At any rate — that night in Denver, Renee did an almost magical transformation from presenting herself as a quadriplegic in a forever wheelchair to a woman of astounding inspiration who had executives on their feet — inspired to go and make a difference. My wife Dee & I were so blessed that night to be invited to sit at the head table and have dinner with Renee and her husband and a few other friends. She was kind and gracious to us “ordinary” (not so inspiring) people sitting at her table.

I think it’s fair to say that Renee has appeared before millions. I’ve seen her on many Protestant television church programs (e.g. The Hour of Power show) where she has been invited just to sing or to also share her story. As a Catholic Christian singer – she gives uplift to those who are with her or see her.

Please listen to her story on our podcast for Catholic Vitamin I Inspiration (a second dose of this important faith nutrient). And let me close with a few things… First, we’ve put some links and places you can connect with or learn more about Renee. I encourage you to go to her website and buy her CD’s. I hope you’ll be inspired to consider making a donation to Renee’s ministry. Yes she travels and gets honorariums and sells books and CD’s. But Renee’s accident has left her with a tremendous need for daily care. From bathing to having her hair fixed to meal preparations — well, you get the picture. When asked on a radio interview show: How does a (quadriplegic) mother do it?  Renee’s answer was SOS… Not the Save Our Ships that we might think… But Sanctify, Organize and Surrender. Sanctify the day by starting it and maintaining it in prayer. Organize the things you really want to accomplish. And Surrender to the Lord those things you can’t do or for which you need help to do. Good lesson for me, indeed Renee… and I’m not in a wheelchair.

One other thing I’d like you to know. In our pre-taping conversation, I happened to mention to Renee that I had experienced three operations on one of my vocal cords — a series of medical procedures which left me with a distracting raspy voice. After we finished the interview and when we near saying goodbye, Renee asked if she could pray “over” me (we were on the phone — but she wanted to pray for me). Only a woman with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ could emote words and supplication as tender and moving as she did.

Renee Bondi is our Advent example of Catholic Vitamin I for Inspiration. We are so grateful to know her – and for her appearance on our show.

Here’s contact and places to find Renee.


As mentioned in our podcast for this weekend, we’ve begun an extension of our ministry by working with the good folks at Lighthouse Catholic Media. Have you heard about them? They provide parishes, organizations and individuals with recorded material featuring well-known and respected names in evangelization, catechesis, Biblical teaching, and defense of our Catholic faith. Examples? Scott Hahn, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, Fr. Robert Barron and many others.

We have been given permission to play small segments of some of the speaker CD’s from Lighthouse Catholic Media on our Catholic Vitamins podcasts. On this first show with the LCM relationship, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen speaks about the coming of Christ as Messiah. We thank LCM and invite you, our listeners and friends to click on their link here and visit their site. Their CD’s are inexpensive and will help in your faith walk.

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