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Well- there’s Vitamin B-1, B-2… why not F1? This is part of two episodes on FAITH. We have great inspiration on Faith from our correspondents Marianna Bartholomew and Fergal O’Neill. And a homily on the 5 W’s of growing our Faith from Deacon Tom. Tom and Dee San Antonio 0609

Let us share some show credits with you:

We mentioned two talented listeners to Catholic Vitamins. Both happen to design and create beautiful jewelry, especially rosaries. We have no financial affiliation with these ladies – but we admire and honor their work. We’ll put an image of their work on the Friends of Catholic Vitamins page soon. The ladies are:

Gail Giron found at  (also on

Allison Kinyon found at (also on


Russ Rentler found at

Simonetta found at

Matthew Baute found at


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