Catholic Vitamin H Hunger

imagesThis smiling couple is Deacon Fergal and Mary O’Neill. If you’ve been with us for a while, you know of Fergal’s long-time Hunger to become a permanent deacon in the Catholic Church. He’s our guest interview on this show, and we go from his childhood to growing up, to college, to meeting lovely Mary, to bringing six children into the world. But all the while, the question was: “What else does Jesus ask of me?” That dear listeners is the Hunger to serve the Lord, His Church and His people. Thank you for your ‘yes’ Fergal. Blessings and congratulations from Tom and Dee. And our listeners, I believe most certainly.

Also on the show:

Four and a half year old MATTIE CLARE SWEENEY debuts on Catholic Vitamins reading a Gospel passage about the birth of Jesus. Can you spell S W E E T?

Justin Stroh’s new music video (to be released in days) — LEND US YOUR HEART. Find Justin’s video and other work at

Some time ago, we interviewed Kate Daneluck. At that time, they had a project to develop and implement a new Advent and Christmas CD of songs and music that is oriented to leading children, parents… families and groups… parish CCD classes… load of people into Making Music Praying Twice. We featured a new song from their Advent and Christmas album. We’ll play more over time. You can find the CD and other great resources at  

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