Catholic Vitamin W Walking Part 2

Deborah Schaben in CanadaDeborah Schaben is a most infectious Catholic walker. Join us as we complete the 500 mile Camino Walk with Deborah in Spain. Not once, but twice. And then a most holy walk in Canada with special attention to a favorite patron saint of mine, Andre Bessette.

Deborah does a podcast called iPilgrim and you can reach her at  Deborah is also active on Facebook – her moniker is DeborahJaneSchaben and if you’d like to email her, she uses this email address quite a bit: 

Thanks also to Sarah Reinhard for checking in on our voice feedback line (206-309-4160) and thanks again to the New Celebration singers for their wonderful closing, the Battle Hymn of the Republic.

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2 Responses to Catholic Vitamin W Walking Part 2

  1. Marilyn says:

    Hello Deacon Tom and Lovely Dee… just wanted to let you know I haven’t been able to download this on iTunes. I’ve had to go through your website. Hope this can be fixed so it doesn’t happen in the future. Thanks for the great podcast. I always look forward to your Prattle and wisdom. Prayers from Woodbridge, VA.

    • Deacon Tom says:

      Hi Marilyn. Greetings once again. I believe you have been able to receive the show that you said you couldn’t download. As far as we know, the site is working okay now. We didn’t check on this till we came back from our Colorado trip. Hope all is well with you and family. Blessings. dt/Dee

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