Catholic Vitamin C Celebration

NICK ALEXANDER is D Y N A M I C… He’s a comedian, a public motivstor/speaker, an author, a podcaster, a professional-parody-person… He’s fun. And so, our Catholic Vitamin for this show is C for CELEBRATION. Nick helps people to celebrate our great Catholic Faith. Oh… did we say he has books and three comedy albums? And that young people of any age really enjoy Nick?

Seeking a worship leader for a parish event or a conference? Nick’s resume says something about his persona… meeting people where they’re at. He helps people discover a way to deeper faith… often with a smile. Dee and I chuckled heartily at the tunes that he wrote borrowing melodies from familiar songs and putting in fun words that relate to our faith, our church, and our foibles.

Nick’s website is   and if you’d like to shoot him an email, it’s

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