Catholic Vitamin V Viable

Dee is the lovely co-host of this episode of our Catholic Vitamins podcast — it’s Catholic Vitamin V for VIABLE… foolish they who don’t believe science which tells us: in biology, viable means a cell capable of surviving… living successfully under particular environmental conditions. Like the womb of the mother.

Our entire show is underwritten by the local (Payson, Arizona) Council of the KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS, and we thank them sincerely.

This show  features two gift-interviews. First, we spent primary time with JOE DALTON, CEO of the PREGNANCY RESOURCE CENTER in Rolla, MO. He shares a touching and beautiful story about a young college woman who discovered she was pregnant. Without wedlock. And soon, without a fiancé. Because he wanted her to have an abortion. She didn’t – she kept her baby and brought forth a handsome, sweet son. And when she went to Washington, D. C. with the Dalton’s for the annual pro life march, she began to understand the tremendous majority of Catholics who stand up for life. She became Catholic through the help of Joe Dalton and his wife Jane. And in return, they eventually welcomed the young woman Faith Major into their family as their daughter-in-law. It’s a great, heart-lifting story. The phone # for Joe Dalton and his wife is 573-368-5700. The website to help or seek more information is  Joe’s email is

Our second interview is with our local Payson director of the NEW BEGINNINGS PREGNANCY AND PARENTING CENTER. She is ANITA CHRISTY and they do a lot of wonderful work welcoming and helping women facing pregnancy. Sometimes unexpected, and for a few, unwanted pregnancy. Anita and her staff are present to help these women at a time of great emotion and (often) conflict. The main number for the Payson Pregnancy Center is 928-474-7466. Their email address is

We featured some of the sweet music of singer/musician DANIELLE ROSE from her CULTURE OF LIFE ALBUM. We thank her and you can find her music at 

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