About Fr. Pat

This wonderful Irish priest was our pastor in Ocala, Florida where we lived for two years. He was a guest interviewee for Catholic Vitamin T: Truth. We were blessed to make arrangements with folks in his parish to present some of his sermons and teachings here free of charge. This area will be growing — and we invite you to make frequent use of these wonderful resources (Vitamins) for your faith life.

Why Listen to Fr. Patrick O’Doherty?
A STORY: One afternoon over 13 years ago, some 33 miles away from his parish, and out in the Ocala National forest, there was a deadly plane crash. Fr. O’Doherty was summoned to the scene. The pilot had died and his distraught wife had witnessed the accident. Afterwards, the wife felt drawn to start attending Holy Mass at Queen of Peace Parish where Fr. Pat is the pastor. The woman started making the 45 minute journey daily to Mass and she began recording Fr.’s sermons with a handheld audio cassette recorder. Soon she began to receive an overwhelming number of requests for copies of Father’s sermons and she sought guidance in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

When a couple offered their technical expertise, the widow purchased some equipment and the Queen of Peace Catholic Church Tape ministry was established. It’s since been renamed the “Table of the WORD” CD ministry and they offer tapes, CD’s and DVD’s of Fr. O’s sermons and teachings. Fr. O’Doherty and the parish staff have graciously given us permission to place a select number of these resources on our website at no charge. Simply click and listen. To order your own CD’s or other media, you can reach those in charge of this audio ministry by phoning the parish and leaving a message for Cindy or by sending an email to: rinoandcindy@hotmail.com

Short BIO for Father Pat (in his own inimitable style):

Fr. Patrick J. O’Doherty was born May 26th, 1946 (no birthday cards please) in Tipperary, Ireland. He is one of 11 children and in his own modest opinion he’s the best looking, most charming, and oozes humility from every pore.

Father was ordained to the priesthood on June 13th, 1970 and has ministered to the people of God in mid and central Florida for almost 40 years. He is the pastor of Queen of Peace Catholic Church on State Rd. 200 in Ocala.

Should you wish to reach Fr. Pat or talk to him about his looks or humility, here are the details:

Queen of Peace Catholic Church, 6455 SR 200, Ocala, FL 34476
Telephone: 352-854-2181.

Note: Some time ago, I asked Fr. Pat for his email address and he said that ‘he and the computer had severed diplomatic relations!’ So — you better try the phone.