Catholic Vitamin B Blooming

You may have listened to her song Blooming for years on Lisa Hendey’s Catholic Moments. Well today on Catholic Vitamins, we invite you to meet the voice behind the catchy message tune: she’s Teresa Smith. Catholic wife, mom, composer and singer — our guest for the message of BLOOMING Where You’re Planted.

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2 Responses to Catholic Vitamin B Blooming

  1. rita galier says:

    First time listener and your story about the bags of blessed straw reminded me of a practice my family has done each Advent since about 1973. Oh my! an almost 40yr. tradition. We keep a jar with a slot in the top in the area our manger is going to be. We had cut small strips of colorful construction paper and set them in a box or bowl near the jar. All during Advent as we did a good deed at home or anywhere we put a slip in the jar. On Christmas Eve we open our jar and sprinkle our ‘good deeds’,so colorful, on our straw in the manger in anticipation of Jesus’ birth. They were a constant reminder of our preparation and they became our offering to him on Christmas. But, as I have come to learn over the years, some of my six children say they are reminded of doing good when they see construction paper. Christ just keeps on giving and we can be Christ to all at any time.

    • Deacon Tom says:

      Hi Rita — thanks for your share about the long-time Advent traditions in your family. We read a part of this on our next show, Catholic Vitamin D for Devotion. Blessings. deacon tom

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