Catholic Vitamin C Cooperation

Date-raped and pregnant. What’s a young college student to do? Join us on Catholic Vitamin C for COOPERATION and meet Sara, a 22 year old young woman who has faced, and is facing Cooperation even when it will effect the rest of her life. When you listen to this interview, you’ll know why we chose Elizabeth Ann Seton as our graphic representation for this show.




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7 Responses to Catholic Vitamin C Cooperation

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  3. Great show. This young womans story is an ispiring testimony that life’s unexpected moments can turn into a lifetime of witness hope and healing for others.
    Thank you Sara for your boldness in sharing. I know it hurts to speak the truth, but Gods blessings will spring forth from it.

  4. Deacon Tom says:

    Dear Candy – I’ve shared your comments with Sara. We have such hopes for her… and for baby Elizabeth soon to come. Thanks Candy.

  5. Sara DeWitt says:

    Thank you, Candy and Deacon Tom. I was happy to share. I look forward to getting in touch with the woman involved with pro life. Two days left until baby Elizabeth is here!

  6. I listened to Sara’s story last night and know she will be greatly blessed by choosing to keep her baby. Date rape? Horrible crime. A woman’s nightmare. Yet Sara has turned the situation into an opportunity to love God even more deeply. God has great plans for Sara, her baby and for their whole family.

  7. Deacon Tom says:

    Thanks Marianna. Sara is a special young woman. We are in prayer for her. Baby Elizabeth may be born today or tomorrow 🙂

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