Catholic Vitamin I Inspiration # 2

Today’s show features a most inspirational Catholic singer, author and speaker. She’s Renee Bondi and we couldn’t be more delighted to share our interview with you. We were able to meet and have dinner with Renee and her husband Mike some years ago in Denver. It was a magical (and powerful) evening. Join us — join Renee and our regular featured contributors, Cheryl Dickow (author: Our Jewish Roots) and Peggy Bowes (author: The Rosary Workout).

And 🙂  — Dee pulls the first two names for her Christmas candy give-aways. Sweet treats (made by Dee herself) will soon be on the way to Pat Padley (In Between Sundays podcast) and Greg Gorman. Enjoy fellows!

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3 Responses to Catholic Vitamin I Inspiration # 2

  1. Oh Tom and Dee!

    I so enjoyed this show! Thank you! I was wrapping Christmas presents while listening and was surprised to hear you mention my name!

    Renee is very modest … she is indeed an inspiration. She uses the gifts God gives her beautifully. She did when she had use of her limbs and does now ~ and many are blessed for that.

    Peace and Goodness to you today!

  2. This was my first podcast- What an inspiring message from Renee Bondi. What an amazing woman of faith.

    How can I get in on the drawings? What was that one book called- How to be a Catechist? Not to mention- would love some of Dee’s candy! Love & Blessings to both you and Dee

  3. Deacon Tom says:

    Thank you Jennifer for your comments as a new listener. It happened that we pulled your name on our next show for a free copy of Cheryl Dickow’s wonderful book OUR JEWISH ROOTS. We know you’ll like it. Blessings. deacon tom & Dee.

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