Catholic Vitamin J Extra OCTOBER BABY

OCTOBER BABYa great new pro-life movie. And on our extra show, meet Rachel Hendrix, the lead actress from October Baby. And learn about a possibly new name in music to you. He’s Steve Vining and we have his great song CHOOSE LIFE. Because every life is beautiful.



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4 Responses to Catholic Vitamin J Extra OCTOBER BABY

  1. Pete Dohms says:

    Dee; you went to a copper mine and didn’t even tell me about it? You’d better take us there when we arrive in Payson!

    Love the name (“Royal Flush” – was there an old commode on the mine dump?)


    On a serious note, my heart was on my sleeve too, Tom, when you played the extended clip. October Baby is open in two theaters here in Pensacola. I hope we get to see it before my surgery; based on how badly the movie is being treated by the “lamestream” media, I doubt it will survive in the theater until my recovery is progressed enough.

  2. Thanks for interviewing the beautiful Rachel Hendrix. What a superb actress! I took my daughter to see October Baby last night. Powerful, gripping film.

  3. Deacon Tom says:

    Thanks for these words Marianna. I just received a video-thank you from the creators of OCTOBER BABY for the part that we and loads of others played in helping to intro the movie. And coincidentally, we were at a dinner gathering last night — one couple said that two of their adult daughters went to see it and said it was as you described it. Blessings. dt

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