Catholic Vitamin N: Names

Meet Theresa Doyle-Nelson. She’s written two books that we discuss on this Catholic Vitamins podcast. We visit with Theresa about Saints names from the Old and New Testaments. Did you know there’s a patron saint for headaches? Did you know there’s a saint for stomach disorders? Theresa helps us to learn there are beautiful reasons to know of many of these formerly unknown saints. Please join this show and then go to our blog page to read more about Theresa and all the other places her writing has appeared.


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2 Responses to Catholic Vitamin N: Names

  1. Mary Lewus says:

    Hi Deacon Tom and Dee,
    If you have any booklets left “You’re Way to Busy to Read This” I would love to have one.
    My address is 1119 S. Mud Springs Rd., Payson, AZ 85541 or you can find me at church.
    Thank you,

  2. tmdjfox says:

    Hi Mary… much later — sorry for that. I think we have one left. I’ll check with Dee and if so we’ll get it on the way to you. Blessings. Smiles. dt

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