Catholic Vitamin O Offering

imagesShe is a host on EWTN; she’s a popular author, blogger and speaker — and yet, what DONNA MARIE COOPER-OBOYLE makes very clear is she has been and is a wife and hands-on mother. We were blessed to have her join us for Vitamin O: Offering. Our main conversation centers around her newest book: CATHOLIC MOM’S CAFE: 5 Minute Daily Retreats For Every Day of the Week. How to make each day  an offering of all that you do. 



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  2. Just finished listening to your interview with Donna Marie Cooper-OBoyle discussing her new book Catholic Mom’s Cafe. Thank you for sharing my thoughts in response to what Donna reflects on in her book for my birthday. I had forgotten the feedback I gave to the day’s devotion, but after hearing it again during the interview, I am amazed how much it is directed to me and applies to my life. The Holy Spirit never ceases to amaze !!!!!
    God Bless you Donna! This book should be a replacement for all those (not me) who depend on daily horoscope readings for their daily devotion. 🙂

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