Catholic Vitamin Q Quiet

Hello once again. If your listening device supports pictures on your podcasts, you’re looking at the river and main building of Madonna House in Combermere, Ontario, Canada. Look peaceful? Listen to Catholic Vitamin Q and learn about Poustinia – a Russian word meaning desert. Desert – where it’s quiet. Our guest is House Director Kathy McVady. Blessings from Tom and Dee.


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2 Responses to Catholic Vitamin Q Quiet

  1. mary and chuck hansard says:

    Hi…we just listened to QUIET, the Oct. 9 episode and got a lot out of it…so, thank you very much…we, too, hope to be back in the saddle with listening to two of our favorite voices…you know, at this age, our golden years, we have more time for the quiet and it is quite a wonderful gift….we have a lot of catching up to do but will not let it overwhelm us, right? Blessings

    • Deacon Tom says:

      Thank you Chuck and Mary Lou for your thoughts (and prayers 🙂 We do need quiet — at any age. I think it was AB Fulton Sheen who said something like: “Ordinary people need to spend 30 minutes a day in (quiet) prayer. And very busy people need to spend 60 minutes a day in prayer.” t/d

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