Catholic Vitamin Q2 Quest

Steve Ray 600x600The ubiquitous Catholic convert, author, speaker, video and personal pilgrimage tour guide STEVE RAY stops to check in with Catholic Vitamins. His purpose was to tell us about his new DVD entitled ABRAHAM: Father of Faith and Works. It’s a great video project filmed entirely on locations associated with Abraham and his family. But our interview covered so much more: Steve’s parents and their 1953 conversion to Christianity after attending a Detroit appearance by Billy Graham; Steve’s long-time practice and love of the Baptist faith until, at 39 years of age, in his QUEST for Truth, he concluded that ‘Protestantism can’t work.’ He was mentored into the Catholic Faith, in part by his close friend (and convert) Al Kresta. This is a ‘don’t miss Catholic Vitamins Podcast.

Check out Steve’s websites:  and 

We played music and song by two great friends of Catholic Vitamins. Here are their web links:

Justin Stroh: 

Bob Rice:

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