Catholic Vitamin R Rekindle

The dictionary says REKINDLE means to revive something that has been lost. Well our guest is KELLY WAHLQUIST, and this engaging, outgoing young woman invites us to rekindle our perhaps sagging faith walk and to become ‘Catholic Pyromaniacs.’ In part, Kelly talks to us about the great new book by Fr. Michael Gaitley: 33 Days to Morning Glory. Join us for another inspiring guest on this Catholic Vitamin R.




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3 Responses to Catholic Vitamin R Rekindle

  1. Romana Grubbe says:

    I love 33 days to Morning Glory & Consoling the Heart of Jesus

    • Deacon Tom says:

      Thanks for the feedback Romana — we agree that the book 33 DAYS TO MORNING GLORY is a wonderful book for Catholic Vitamins to be involved with. We hope to get some copies out to our listeners who participate in the drawing we are offering in a few weeks. Blessings. dt

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