Catholic Vitamin W: Witness

Marianna Robin Bartholomew graduated with honors from DePaul University and she’s been a woman of words ever since — words that give Witness to the Catholic Faith she professes. Previously, she was Managing Editor for EXTENSION Magazine. Join us for time spent with a wonderful guest and new friend. Then visit Marianna’s blog and read her poetry and other musings at



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  1. Justin says:

    “Abandonment to Divine Providence”, classic and life changing, recommended by St. Therese.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to share about “Witness,” Deacon Tom and Dee! I appreciate the creative programs you pull together, all for God’s glory!
    In our interview, I made two little slips in speaking about my parents, so I need to clarify…The medical missionary work Mom was interested in as a young woman was in midwifery, through the Frontier Nursing Association out of Kentucky. (She also dreamed of moving to Colorado in her youth, which is why I swapped the locations accidentally.)
    Also, my father has great childhood memories of playing football and flying model airplanes with the neighbor kids, but living directly behind the Chicago Stockyards during the Great Depression was tough. The smell coming from the stockyards on hot days permeated everything. Thus, his joke that, as an infant, the first words out of his mouth were, “Let’s move.” That had nothing to do with the good, hardworking people of his neighborhood, but everything to do with the stockyards in his back yard!
    In any case, I enjoyed talking about how we can all be missionaries in our daily life. God bless Catholic Vitamins!
    Marianna Bartholomew
    Vitamin “W” guest

    • Deacon Tom says:

      Marianna — we hope to remember to mention this on our next show. We have a story about a night spent in a Dalhart, TX motel just 100’s of yards from a stockyard. Good people…. but when the wind changed 🙂 Dcn. Tom

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