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The word XENIA (pron. zeen-ya) comes from the Greek language and has its roots in the idea of welcoming others. Come listen to this Catholic Vitamins and meet a couple, the Fornoff’s who turned the worst imaginable tragedy into XENIA — welcoming others into their retreat home called Christy’s House in the Pines. It’s a place dedicated to welcoming (and helping) others who have suffered great loss or pain in their lives.

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  1. Great show with the Fornoff’s! They are wonderful people setting a most difficult example of forgiveness.

    • Deacon Tom says:

      Thanks Candy; how easy many of us believe it is to say what we would do in certain circumstances. The Fornoff’s remind us about the maxim of walking in someone else’s shoes. Carol and Roger may have had their moments – but the summary of their history is forgiveness and love spilled out for others in their daughter’s memory. d

  2. Kerry says:

    Dear Deacon Tom & lovely wife, Dee:
    I recently had surgery & the week before, I loaded up my iPod w/ several podcasts. And of course, Cath Vitamins was one. I so enjoy & appreciate your ministry.

    CV Xenia w/ Mr/Mrs Fornoff’s story was simply beautiful. They are a witness of how a strong faith in God & each other makes a huge difference. They spoke of ME & how it helped them. And also how thru adversity they are helping ppl w/ their retreats.

    My husband, Tom & I are grateful members of Retrouvaille. Good can come from bad. The Fornoff’s are witnesses of that. And I’m grateful to say we are also. We are in training to share our story with the Retrouvaille family to help other couples hurting to know w/ God, faith & lots of hard work all things are possible. Thank you, blessings & hugs. -Kerry & Tom Marsh ST LOUIS, MO
    PS Oct 2011 our Retrouvaille formation wknd started Fri night, the last game of the World Series when our beloved STL Cardinals won the World Series. That we opted attending our wknd vs watching the game … well that in itself was a miracle, as we bleed CARDINAL RED.

    • Deacon Tom says:

      Hi Kerry. Greetings and graces. Thanks for your lovely and uplifting email. We will remember you and your healing in our Evening Prayer. I have shared your comments with the Fornoffs — and they are most happy that you were blessed by their story. They have suffered a great loss and come back from it beautifully. I have great admiration and respect for Retrouvaille. Thank you and bless you for your ministry.

      Dcn Tom

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