Catholic Vitamin X2 Meet The CV Team

Hi again Catholic Vitamins listeners and friends. Vitamin X is always a tough one to come up with — and so, for this show, we decided to do a group conference call and give you a chance to meet the Catholic Vitamins team: Marianna Bartholomew (pictured here),  Marianna BartholomewJustin Stroh and Fergal O’Neill. Marianna is an award-winning journalist, blogger and commentator on CV; Justin is a Catholic Husband and father, and for 20 years, he’s been a musician, singer and speaker traveling to promote our wonderful Catholic Faith. Fergal is in his final year, studying to become a deacon in Ireland this Pentecost, in May of 2013. Fergal is married (Mary) and has five children — and who knows where he gets the time to do it all :-) Let us hear from you with any feedback or ideas for any of us on Catholic Vitamins.

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