Catholic Vitamin X Xtra 7

Tom and Dee San Antonio 0609Blessings and graces flowing from Holy Week dear friends. (The lovely) Dee is back and we share the following on this show: We feature three songs from the new album by the CARMELITE SISTERS OF LOS ANGELES. (See below). We also have a touching and powerful segment on Saint John Paul II from our regular correspondent JUSTIN STROH. And your lowly DEACON TOM shares a recent homily on the subject of BLINDNESS.

From their album LEAN INTO THE WIND, we played songs sung by the Carmelite Sisters on today’s show. We think there’s something for almost every taste on this inspiring album. You can find out more about the Carmelites by going to their website:   And if you’re interested in their music, go to: 

Finally, our correspondent Sonja Corbitt has recently announced a free on-line course on HEROES from the Scriptures. Sonja is providing the course materials and the recorded portions of her talks. Some folks are signed up and participating ‘live’ with Sonja. Go to   for more details.


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2 Responses to Catholic Vitamin X Xtra 7

  1. Cindy Ellis says:

    I’ve been away for quite awhile; however, for some reason I felt compelled to listen to this beautiful Catholic Vitamin. Justin’s talk on John Paul II was AMAZING! Deacon Tom your homily was very inspirational. And the music was beautiful. I was so blessed to listen to this podcast on the Monday of Holy Week – so very appropriate. Thank you both! God Bless.

    • Deacon Tom says:

      Cindy — thank you for your kind words… I too was really moved by Justin’s great reflection on JPII. Holy Week blessings and a glorious Easter !! Blessings. dt

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