Catholic Vitamin A Abundance

Deacon Ken and Cindy EllisWe have made an ABUNDANCE of new and inspiring Catholic friends since we’ve been involved in evangelization on the web. Take for example Deacon Ken and Cindy Ellis: great journey stories with a wandering mix of Christian faith starts and stops. And then… and then to the fullness of Catholic Truth. So much so that, once Catholic, together Ken and Cindy discerned the call for Ken to become a Deacon. Great Grace of God – we give Thee thanks.

We thank both of the Ellis’ for sharing the Faith with us and any who happen to catch this episode.

And to give us a bit of musical enjoyment, we found a couple songs from multi-instrumentalist, composer and singer RUSS RENTLER. You can find some of his music for free on SOUNDCLOUD and you can go direct to Russ’ site at 

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