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Meet KRISTI SCHEERBAUM — a Franciscan University grad, then an employee at Franciscan for 9+ years, part of which led to her working as a manager for the Franciscan Summer Conferences. Kristi is now living in Atlanta but she’s continued to work as a leader, working with others on a new and fast-growing program called DISCIPLESHIP QUADS. Your first reaction might be, “What? Another program?” But PLEASE.. listen to the interview with Kristi and discover why this new small-group program is attracting, challenging and forming disciples as Jesus told us to do in Scripture.

Kristi researched over 50 organizations in and outside of the Catholic Church. The resulting Discipleship Quads (DQ) program was built through multi-team member contributions over 18 months. Credit must be given to a Protestant Pastor, Greg Ogden who has worked with small group efforts for 40 years. Pastor Ogden wrote a book entitled Transforming Discipleship. While that became a framework for the Steubenville DQ effort, the team had to rewrite to make DQ contain a ‘Catholic-friendly’ curriculum.

Here are a few excerpts from feedback shared by Kristi:

-Wendy: “….Discipleship Quads has ignited my faith, revived my love of the Church, and begun my discernment of how I can ‘pass this on’ with a new group.

-Joseph: “… The small group size creates a trust and an accountability that is helping us to grow in our faith….”

-Michelle: “….. Without (my) group and the DQ materials, I don’t think I would be learning and exploring God’s purpose for my life.”

Dear friends of Catholic Vitamins, this DQ program is completely free. Materials can be downloaded from the Franciscan Quad site. And if you’d like to reach out to Kristi first, her email address is

To go directly to the ‘home page’ for this exciting DQ program, here’s the link:



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